Job Scenario In Ireland And Importance Of Job Portals

The labor market is often used to describe the relationship between available employment and people working or is available to work. A labor market is said to be in healthy condition if there is enough work available for all those people who seek it. Most countries in the world as of now are facing a difficulty in achieving or maintaining a healthy labor market condition due to many a few reasons. In Ireland as in many other countries the labor market condition has changed a lot in last few years.

Labor market of Ireland

Up to 2007 the labor market of Ireland was one of the healthiest labor markets of the world, from 2007 to 2013 due to global slow down the economy of Ireland was under enormous stress which forced a large number of people looking for a work, but little work was available. The economy of Ireland showed a sign of recovery at the end of 2013 and hence a boost in the market. This reversed the employment trends of the previous years and the labor market once again showed some signs of coming to healthy condition. As of now many workers are up skilled while unemployed in order to adapt to new types of jobs available.job portal17 copy

The Irish students have always shown that they are good at Mathematics and Science, in fact in a recent survey of all OECD countries Ireland did fairly well in almost all the sector especially in Mathematics, Science and Language. Now the big challenge for the country is to maintain the same healthy labor market for upcoming years.

How to search jobs

The way job is searched has come a long way away from where it has started, there was a time when an employer used to search for an employee (that was when the jobs available was more than the job seekers), but even that wasn’t a healthy labor market. But now the job seekers are more than the number of open jobs and hence now the employees have to search for employer. And that is where online job portals have come into play, to stabilize a relationship between job seekers and job providers.

Internet has become an essential part of our life which allows us to communicate with virtually no barriers, it lets us purchase from home, and provide the most important information to the job seekers. In fact, online job search has become an important way of job finding. The online job portals like Principle don’t only provide a chance for un-employed skilled workers but also provide a better job option for those who are already employed.

The best things about the job portals are:-

  1. Most of these sites are free and hence there is no cost involvement at the first place.
  2. They personalize the job for all the job seekers and hence it’s easy for the users to get informed about the filtered jobs through E-mail or messages.
  3. There are job portals which allows the user to decide whom to show and who not to show his/her Resume.
  4. A very important issue is that these portals provide a solution for the job seekers and job providers from starting to the end point i.e., from the time you join them to the time you get the joining letter.
  5. Much to the relief of job seekers, a few of these job portals are in fact providing a training session as well so that it would be easy for the job seekers to get through in the interview.

The on line sites like Principle help to facilitate job search and they let the employee and employer carry out the negotiation in an agile and fast way. This is a great service that tries to encourage and improve job search among the population and let them choose the best for them.

A country like Ireland where the number of job seekers are increasing day by day it seems that this service is going to be needed by many a few so that the equilibrium in the work offered and work seekers can be smoothly maintained, that is the only way to continue healthy labor market in the country. The job sites are allowing both the employees and employers to choose the best for them, employees get a good employer and employers get a set of skilled and well trained work power for there need.

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