The Best Way To Use Laptop Batteries For Longer Period

Laptops cannot function without rechargeable batteries.  In fact they are created to be powered by storage batteries or accumulators which are a type of electrical batteries.  Although a laptop battery is rechargeable, it does have a limited life span.  A typical battery usually lasts for about 500-700 charges before it will no longer be capable of recharging, and a replacement is necessary.  The amount of charges can vary depending on the main use of your laptop.  Some functions require more energy than others.  Using functions such as a DVD player or using the brightest screen setting can drain the battery quicker, thus requiring it to be charged sooner.  The more often you charge your battery, the sooner the battery will be drained of its life span.  However, the life of a Dell  laptop accessories like batteries  can be slightly increased by taking care and following some basic but very effective tips and steps.  And if it is a Dell Studio 1737 or Dell Inspiron 1525, start using it on a hard surface; you will see the instant difference.  Unfortunately laptop batteries, regardless of which make they are, usually stop functioning at some point and need to be replaced.  Certain signs will tell you that you need to replace your battery.

Always keep your laptop battery clean.  Dell studio 1737 battery needs special care.  It needs to be kept clean on a regular basis with a clean cloth.  This ensures the transfer of voltage from your battery much more efficient and safer.  You should also see to it that your laptop battery is not left charging for a long period.  Once it is charged, you need to at least use your battery once in a few weeks.  You should also not allow your battery to discharge completely.  Completely discharging method is for older devices because of their memory effects.

Laptop batteries last long in cool temperatures.  Hence, keep your laptop’s temperature down.  You should clean out your laptop and air exits with a keyboard cleaner.  You should also see to it that your laptop’s power options are properly optimized in order to use battery power more efficiently.

You should judiciously use your different applications in your laptop.  As all the applications do not use same amount of power, you should use applications which need less power to run them.  Hence, rather than keeping your applications run in the background while listening to some music and checking the news, focus on one thing only.  As a matter of fact, basic applications like MS word and e-mail services consume very less power than playing a game or watching a move.  Accordingly, you need to prioritize your requirements.  Hence, when you are into gaming; lower the graphics.  There also many ways to do this, either by changing laptop’s screen resolution or changing your game settings.

Another important way to increase your Dell laptop battery’s longevity is by paying attention to auto-save features whether you play a game or use basic applications like word, auto-save consumes power.  Some basic operating applications like MS Excel’s and Word’s auto-save features are though great in use for saving your projects, will not only consume more power continuously but also make your hard drive work harder than it needs to.  On the other hand, when you turn auto-save off; your battery life will be increased a little more and enable you to save your work.

Hence, for best results; choose the right battery.  Under the same use conditions, a lower capacity battery will wear out faster than a higher capacity battery because it has to be charged more often.  However, all batteries wear with use and time.  When you find the runtime is no longer satisfactory, it may be time to purchase a new Dell laptop battery.

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